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I'm a design and lifestyle writer based in Cape Town, South AfricaA career in journalism and communications, as Managing Editor of Condé Nast House & Garden and Communications Director at The Guild Group, where I ran the annual Business of Design conference, led to my love of design. It’s become an amorous affair. Mostly for the authentic passion I see in makers and designers. I'm invigorated when interviewing people who thrive in their creativity. This inspires my writing and pushes me to share their work through words.

Besides my affection for Africa and its design and craft scene, I have a deep love for Mexico and Lebanon, the countries in which my grandmother and mother were born. 
I get along speaking Afrikaans, Arabic, Spanish and French, although my native tongue and professional language is English. My palate is equally eclectic. Thanks to milk tart, tacos and taboulleh, I've developed a great fondness for traditional cuisine, seeking out local dishes wherever
I travel. 


When I'm not writing, you can find me practising my other profession as a life coach. 


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